Prospective students

The following is information for prospective students:

I am potentially accepting new students for fall 2013 with the major impediment being funding.  At present I do not have any vacant research assistantships.

I strongly urge you to consider as many possible supervisors and departments as possible.  Getting admitted to Grad School has a lot of random elements to it,  who has room in their lab, when does funding become available etc.

The admissions procedure for our department has three necessary conditions.  First, You must meet the minimum qualifications of the University and be considered acceptable by our departmental admissions committee.  Second you must find a supervisor willing to be the head of your graduate research committee.  Third you and your supervisor must have two years of financial support, either from fellowships,  research assistantships, or teaching assistantships.

You should definitely contact Ms. Addi Daisley who can provide more details on the application process.

You can find more about my research program at the research links on this web site and

about  our field program in Alaska at